1st Grade - 5th Grade, Kids of Faith

Our Children’s Ministry has the soul purpose to train our kids to take their generation for Jesus! We believe this generation is going to be used by God to change the world. This generation is going to start that fire! We are not forgotten by God and he is going to use us!  

We train our kids through the teaching of Biblical principles. They are taught they can do all things through Christ, they can be great sons and daughters, they can be great leaders, and that they can conquer any dream that God has placed in their hearts. We teach them they are never too young to do great things for God!

So, with their faith high and their confidence in God strong, we send them out into their schools, neighborhoods, and homes to be the examples of Christ; to change the hearts of their generation towards Jesus.

It is our heart at Life Church that our kids know and love Jesus first and then take Jesus to the world!